About Me


Welcome to my new Paul Brown’s Photography!

The portfolio and the photos, which is me, have a look around.

My photography was my favorite!!! I used to get some wedding, and some portrait and, it was very good. However, my favorite is, landscape and nature. With my website with a photo, a mount, and a frame, is now the sale!

My new story

On the 1st of Jan 2017, I have had my stroke. It was a little seriously. I could not speak. My right arm, my hand and my leg, are floopy! And the left eye, is gone. My right eye is really good!!!

But, before my stroke, I have really bad pain, on the stomach, on and off for 20 years. However, now a stroke happened but…….its cured!!! I have no pain, at all. I’ll have a stroke please, rather than the pain. It’s release, for me.

I ought to say, the charities like the Queen Elizabeth Foundation in Banstead, and the Dyscover in Leatherhead (it’s so much more than just speech and language), now, I am walking, my speech as good, and my right leg, arm and hand, they are stronger. Thank you, for everything! The charities above will benefit from 5% percentage of each sale.

The future

So, my photography. I have two Nikon cameras and 5 lenses so, mountains, or the coast or nature, I love it!. There are some photos of me.


Thank you for listening to me!



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